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Ewww Thinker.....anyway, Suicide Squad's review embargo was lifted and......

Movie review: Suicide Squad is as weird and messy as the characters in it

Suicide Squad isn’t even the good kind of bad:

Jared Leto's awful Joker is like Scarface meets Jim Carrey. Our Suicide Squad review:

Reviews are...mixed to say the least. Basically what they are saying is:

- Harley gets sexualized to the upteenth degree and is the target of misogyny.
- The one native character Slipknot, played by Adam Beach is practically irrelevant and is used to "make an example of" meaning.....he dies.
- Katana is just there....and doesn't have much to do.
- Lots of praise for Viola Davis's Waller
- Jared Leto is the literal worst (did you expect anything decent?) and is in the film for maybe 7 minutes tops.
- Killer Croc is turned into a racist stereotype. Like Katana, he does not get much to do. (At one point he mentions wanting to watch BET.....*sigh*)
- Jai Courtney continues to be the Sam Worthington of films....meaning he is a flop.
- This seething shot at Enchantress: "Here is a film in which model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne gives not only a personal worst performance, but something close to a former-profession-worst performance, as a gyrating, bikini-clad villainess called Enchantress, who kisses men full on the lips to turn them into her slaves (of course!) and talks like Vanessa Redgrave on rhinoceros tranquilizer."

Really disappointing...what a mess.
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