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Spoilers: Superman/Batman #56

(Random Superman/Batman moment.)

Here's the DCU link, with issue info, but I can't get the preview to load from there. But the preview's up here here, at Comixology.

OMG! Batman reflects on Dick's character and broken jaw, and Batman gets one-punched! By WW!

I am way more excited about this and the Batman Confidential/Riddler issue than Battle for the Cowl. I don't know what to think about that.
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I have been waiting for [ profile] scans_daily to tell me this issue was out. Hopefully I'll find #54, too.
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Well, when I decided the I needed Superman/Batman in my life, I went to my LCS down the street and got 51, 52, 53 and 55. 54 I guess was either sold out, or like Madman Atomic Comics 12, just never made it to that one. I'll try again when I pick up 56, otherwise I'll have to check one of the other stores (neither of which are as good as the one down the street).
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The store downtown usually has the recent back issues the other one doesn't. Found it there. It's funny because they're both owned by the same guy!
And the one downtown is hiring! I've been looking for a second job, too!

What were you hoping for, out of curiosity? It wasn't much different than I expected, though maybe a little anticlimactic (maybe the wrong word, i guess it's unfair to expect the denouement to be climactic)?
I dunno, I pretty much read Superman/Batman as Silver Age crack filtered through modern storytelling sensibilities. It's just as fun, but in a different way.