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Just because it's Tuesday and some pretty never hurts on a Tuesday

The cover to Nightwing #9

It'll be interesting to see Dick, who viewed the New 52 as sort of "the fun uncle" who'd hang around with grumpy Batdad, interact with the new old new (You know what I mean) Superman. Will he resent him? Just accept him? How does old new old Superman feel about the likes of the New52 Nightwing?

Plus, y'know, Dick involved in possible tentacle porn, so it's all good.

Though I'm not sure why Superman is on the cover when the blurb for the issue is;

"“RISE OF THE RAPTOR” conclusion! Raptor’s true colors have been revealed as he takes Batman hostage! Nightwing will have to use every skill he’s ever learned to save his old mentor from the wrath of his new mentor."

Nightwing saving Batman, normally my repferences run to the vice versa, but since Batwoman's team also saved Batman recetly I guess it's Nightwing's turn.

Star Trek Boldly Go #2

Just because it's an awesome image of John Cho's Sulu by George Caltsoudas!

And this last one from Life with Kevin #2, basically because I it has a rather hot take on the classic "Angel/Devil on their shoulders" bit, and I AM that shallow!

Date: 2016-08-23 01:36 pm (UTC)
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I'm still waiting for a real reaction from BRUCE on Superman. (Well, unless he's actually reacted in last week's Justice League, which I haven't read yet...I probably should do that...) His 'I don't really trust him, yet' is...so generically Batty. (Reasonable, but...) I want to see how he responds to this guy who is one of his few real friends, yet isn't...once he actually believes that Clark is who he says he is.


Date: 2016-08-24 04:32 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] chortles81
IIRC in JL Bruce stipulated that he trusts HIS (nu52) Clark, not yet the pre-Flashpoint Clark.


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