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This is a requested follow-up of sorts to the 'Caliban and Kitty' post from yesterday as the two had another interaction I was not yet aware of. That large hulking guy on the cover? That's Caliban. It was the 90s.

This was a double-sized issue.

A lot has happened in the interim; Sabretooth participated in a massacre of Morlocks and the X-Men are trying to rehabilitate him and Caliban has become considerably different thanks to Apocalypse's augmentations. At one point Caliban had broken Sabretooth's back but Sabretooth survived.

In this issue Caliban has kidnapped Jubilee after discovering about the X-Men and Sabretooth. Here he tries to give her a candy bar he stole from some humans.

This unfortunately was the last time they had any reaction although Caliban would eventually encounter Sabretooth a couple of more times and gain the upper hand. He also lost his scars but I'm not sure how that happened (unless Apocalypse fixed them).
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