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One of the comics published by Wildstorm's 'New Line Horror' imprint was a Nightmare on Elm Street series by Chuck Dixon. It was a mixed bag but it had some good moments, the highlight of which was the fourth issue. 

In the first three issues, there was a subplot with a little girl who, being in a coma, could lapse back and forth between Freddy's world and ours without being hurt. At the end, she got a heart transplant and came out of the coma, but as this issue shows, her abilities didn't go away.

So the issue goes like this for a bit, with the little girl constantly harassing poor Freddy and generally making his life miserable and preventing him from carving up teenagers.

Cut for legality (the entire issue wasn't about Lacey's antics, after all) was a subplot with Freddy selecting a teenager on the "outside" to kill Lacey for him. He fails, and is mortally wounded by the police. The teen considers his fate to be a better alternative than falling asleep and risking Freddy's wrath.

At the end of the issue...

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