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I was considering doing a retrospective of the series starting with Volume 1 sometime in the future, but i thought it would be nice to post this as it's own thing.

Volume 16: 15 pages out of 189

I am not going to every detail of what happened before this point, but here is the basic:
Wapol, The king of Drum Island, is corrupt and has forbidden all doctors besides the twenty physicians under his service and people need to go beg to be cured.
Hiruluk is a clumsy doctor who chose to stay on Drum Island despite the danger it posed to himself because he wanted to cure people.
At one point he met Chopper and basically adopted him as his own son.
Hiruluk has a terminal disease and he has only a few weeks left and Chopper, who is just a kid, endangered himself to find a mushroom that, he thought, could cure Hiruluk

we begin at the end of chapter 143: Clumsy

Then we cut to chapter 144: Snow Tale

After this, Hiruluk goes to meet Dr. Kureha, who is the only other doctor remaining and the exact opposite of him when it comes to medicine, to ask her to continue his work and to train Chopper to be a Doctor

We discover the twenty physicians have gotten sick and is creating panic throughout the kingdom. As soon as he discovers this, Hiruluk runs to the castle and Kureha visits Hiruluk and Chopper's house. and then...

The chapter ends with Hiruluk demanding to meet the Twenty Physicians so he can cure the Physicians.

and so begins Chapter 145: carrying on his will

It was all a lie. the physicians are fine. king Wapol took away the kingdom's only means to heal in an attempt to capture Hiruluk.

His reaction?

"When does a man die?"

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