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We've had prime, we've had the fate of the Legions, here is some pure fannish stuff.

I previously posted one page and according to the calculations below 3 more pages were available to meet the quota.

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Even I can't name everyone on here but for me the most notable are the superperts, jimmy olsen 'elastic lad', lana lang 'insect queen' , pre crisis supergirl, kent shakespeare, quislet, two computos, five year gap Laurel, Ferro Lad, threeboot Mon-El (his story makes so much sense now) and the founders from Adventure 247. I'm sad there was no legionnaires from the cartoon or the DCAU (which I think is in the multiverse for sure, didn't we see Batman Beyond?)

Its hard to pick the best parts. The founders meeting the legion from a time when they were just formed, L.E.G.I.O.N being included (although there was no vril), the rebirth of the green lanterns (with just the words 'sentient found'), the new memorial room with *shock* 'futuristic' monuments, its liked they saved all the best bits for last. For the last page here is 3/4 from one and 1/4 from another showing some of the lighthearted moments that makes me love Legion.



Remember Brainy has been planning this since 'The Lightning Saga'. He is totally taken for granted, I think he likes it that way. This issue finally felt like a legion story with added bits. No 'Superman to the rescue', just Legion

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Okay, maybe this is just me (I say that in defiance of the community's motto), but the thing that really stuck out for me in that group shot?



I wonder if they'll be able to keep her around. I hope so.


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