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are things of absolutely beauty!

"The Power of the Dark Crystal" was originally intended to be the movie sequel to 1982's "The Dark Crystal", one of Jim Henson's "Labour of love" projects and featured some stunning character design and world building,


The making, or absence of same, of the sequel is a long and complicated one, but is summarised here.

So, whilst we don't have a movie, we will be getting The Power of the Dark Crystal in the form of a 12 issue comic book series from Boom! Studios, which will do me quite nicely in the meantime.

And these covers for the first three issues are just STUNNING!

In the first movie, Jen and Kira, the two protagonists, are young Gelflings, and most likely the last of their kind, their people having been hunted to extinction by the Skeksis. At the end of the movie their future is not elaborated on.

The sequel is set decades after the original, with Jen and Kira distracted by the pressures of ruling Thra and no longer in touch with the needs of the people — which provokes a Fireling (a new race) called Thurma to set out to steal a shard of the Dark Crystal with which she intends to restore power to her realm. Unfortunately, that mission might also restore the Skeksis

So the covers celebrate the more mature Jen and Kira, and the tetchy astronomer and apparently immortal "Keeper of Secrets", Aughra

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

For those interested, Aughra's history and vital part in the creation of the world of Thra is outlined in the gorgeous trilogy of books, also from Boom! called "Jim Henson's Dark Crystal: Creation Myths" which has a small sampling of here

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These are so lush!! <3

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My local comic shop has been doing a graphic-novel-of-the-month club for a while now, and a few months ago their pick was Monstress. I fell in love with the beautiful art right then and there, and bringing Sana Takeda and Marjorie Liu in to discuss the comic only deepened the appreciation.

And way back in college, The Dark Crystal was a favorite among my social circle. (Favored in-joke: 'Of course you don't have wings! You're a boy!')

So I am really, really looking forward to this.


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