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Women of DC and other comics on Google themes

Normally, I would not pimp for Google but this is fun.

For Comic Con, Google has released a bunch of comics themes - Batman, Fables, Iron Man, etc. You can see them all here:

I chose Women of DC and today it has had Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Renee/The Question.

And now for legality a scan of Silicon Valley companies, BoP style:

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What makes me crazy is I can't figure out how to choose one image within a certain theme and KEEP IT that way! Does it have something to do with the "rotating the theme" thing? Bah. Some of the images are much better graphic design-minded than others.

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They just rotate, unfortunately. I've had mine on the cosmic layout for a while, and I like it a lot, but it's rather capricious about changing the picture.