Date: 2009-07-24 10:19 pm (UTC)
the second example you have with Xavier I think clearly is not. I would agree with Icon_UK and say that the first example of what happens with Spidey is more psychic torture, except then I thought of the example from Uncanny X-Men 131, where Emma has Ororo restrained and uses her powers to painfully extract information on the X-Men. now, under the definition, this is psychic torture, not rape, although Emma is about to step over that line just before Jean steps in, and the whole event is deeply discomforting.

later Emma pulls a bodyswitch but without nearly the same amount of violence involved, simply doing so in a flash and then screwing with the X-Men in Ororo's body. while much less violent an attack, I do think this example qualifies as a rape of some kind- Emma took Ororo's body away from her, came to know it intimately without Ororo's consent and generally violated her. it's not a "mindrape" because Emma doesn't assault Ororo's mind, and it's certainly not a bodily rape as we understand the term, but, especially considering implications of what Emma did off panel with Ororo's body, I do think it fits somewhere under the definition.

tl,dr: psychics are creepy and when they hurt you they can go well beyond any sort of terminology we understand.
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