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The Time Keeper's next reality they'll screw around with is a divergent of the reality where Wolverine became lord of the vampires, which diverged when Wolverine killed the Punisher during his purge of New York's hero's, meaning that he never lives to try to kill all the vampires. This reality's nexus is the vampirized Jean Grey.

Mr. Sinister makes quick work of the vampire kids and proceeds on his way. However, Goblyn Queen, Nastir'h, and S'ym start Inferno, transforming New York.

During the battle, many vampires die, including Sunspot, Dazzler, and Nightcrawler, but many more demons die, including S'ym, who is killed personally by Wolverine. The death of S'ym opens leaves the way open for the X-Vampire's to invade Nastir'h's realm. However, Dormammu suddenly appears, who kills Nastir'h and allies to Maddie, planning to expand their invasion across the multiverse. He then unleashes the Mindless One's on the X-Vampires, killing Cannonball, Iceman, Wolfsbane, Longshot, and Sabretooth, leaving Wolverine to call a retreat.

Sinister empowers the remaining X-Vampires, and they manage to beat back the Mindless Ones and invade the Dark Dimension. Dormammu enters the battle, with Madelyne facing off against Jean Grey.

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