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Got an interesting topic and question for you all and I thought I ask you it.

So Nick Spencer brought this up recently about an old article so... let's discuss! An article by Newsarama argues that Hydra isn't a Nazi organization, despite... everything. You can read it here, but here's an excerpt:

In short, while Hydra’s real world roots may be planted in the idea of neo-Nazi terrorists, for most of their history, they’ve been run of the mill supervillain fascists – whose later origins go back even further, tying them to alien invaders rather than race warriors and real world tyrants. There’s always the chance that Marvel will once again retcon Hydra’s history, but as it stands, with the information currently available, there’s little chance Steve Rogers is a Nazi, even if he genuinely is an agent of Hydra ... and that's a big 'if.'

and then Nick Spencer jumps in with this Twitter conversation:

One last thing for now on this subject. One of the reasons the Hydra=Nazi argument is so flawed to me, is how selectively it's deployed.
Hydra has been one of the most prominent villains in the MU for years. Most of the stories don't even make sense if you go w that premise.
As an example- the last volume of Captain America ended on a cliffhanger that Misty Knight might be a Hydra agent.
Not only that, but she claimed that Hydra had an agent on every team and every organization in the Marvel Universe.
Another example: a major thread of New Avengers was Spider-Woman potentially being a Hydra agent/plant.
Bob: Agent of Hydra.
All of these stories and countless others depict Hydra as a super-secret organization bent on world domination.
They are very, very bad people, and unquestionably villains. But Hydra's goals, beliefs, and membership criteria simply aren't the same.

So.... what do you guys think? Do you consider Marvel's Hydra to be Nazis?

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