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He'd discovered that one was alive when he'd gone to lay both his fathers to rest.

He'd learnt how they'd come together and gone apart, and why he'd grown up in foster care.

Now, with the help of one of the most dangerous men on the world of Ektae, he was riding to confront a man who was even more so- his father, C. Jdorn Bakolier.

The confrontation began with the footsoldiers, two armies blasting away at each other.

Then Jordan called Bakolier out.

Bakolier answered him.

They looked each other in the eye- and leapt.

" And neither can you. "

Bakolier squatted down, looking over the prone Jordan.

" You're not my son. " he said. " But you are his. "

Jordan leapt up, caught Bakolier by the neck, and threw him so that his spine KRKed against the weapon on the ground.

" You're right. "

" No. "

Ferrier pointed his gun at Jordan.

Jordan pointed out that this was just Bakolier's last strike.

" You want to shoot?

" Go ahead. I'm done. Bakolier's power is yours.

" But you were never working for me. You were working with me. "

Jordan didn't leave, though; he stayed by his father's body, for a time.

(Sid was his roommate-with-benefits back on Earth.

The Blessing is what links Earth and Ektae together, for seven days every seven years.)

(K. Ryun gave birth to him; how he knows her's one of those points of backstory the story mentions, but doesn't elaborate on any further.)

(Art's Jakub Rebelka; pagecount's 7 of 22 from last month's Namesake #4, which concluded the series.)

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The last page is beautiful! Really good colours.


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