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Doctor Octopus: Year One was a miniseries that came out in 2004 to coincide with Spider-Man 2. In other hands this could have been a cynical cash-grab but I think its obvious that Zeb Wells went for something deeper.


At school Otto is bullied by his peers and is concerned about the possibility of a nuclear attack.

In college, Otto is accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There he manages to impress his professors.

Otto meets a familiar face during an exhibition.

Otto receives a phone call from his mother. His father has been killed in a machinery accident. Says his professor, "Technology gives us so much, but we often forget the price." Alone, Otto looks at his equipment and says "thank you".

Soon the U.S. Defense Department becomes interested in Otto to help them with the Arms Race. Otto doesn't want to leave his mother behind. 


Otto is working on his future 'arms' but is having difficulty controlling them. He eventually falls for his fellow scientist Alice Anders.

Spurred by his mother, Otto rejects Alice and schedules her to be transferred elsewhere.

Otto gives a public presentation with his arms.


When this issue first came out I was a bit disappointed. The first two issues align pretty well with the pre-established Otto origin stories with Alice and his mother but here it veers completely off-course with an entirely new story that is incompatible with what Lee and Ditko did.

The general starts interrogating Otto and Otto becomes agitated.

Spidey tells Otto to shut up.

As Otto retreats, Spidey throws a tracer on one of his tentacles.


Mary Alice is working at a nuclear power plant. Two technicians behind her are arguing. Seems that the core temperature's too high, and the coolant isn't being released. The story is told on the news, and one passerby that notices it is none other than Otto. 


Spidey arrives but Otto has a trick up his sleeve. He had prior, in disguise, handed out his modified spider-tracers to the protestors as buttons. Upon setting off his device, Spidey's spider-sense goes haywire.

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