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X-Men Sketchcard cuteness

For Monday morning in the USA I bring you unbridled cuteness to lighten the day

I've posted artist specific sketchcards in the past, and I recently found these from the new "X-Men Archives" set, the sketchcards by the Katie Cook, an artist whose cute style is utterly charming, and infinitely flexible.

I can thoroughly recommend checking out her website here, where she covers ever pop culture fanbase going (Sriously, she even manages to make ObiWan watching the recording of Anakin killing the Jedi "younglings" look cute and sad (as opposed to the movie, which made it somehow hilarious, or maybe that was just me).

She posted these herself on the Scoundrel Art Community forum, so I don't feel guilty for posting them here.

A couple of my favourites at a large size. followed by LOTS of images I'm pretty much expecting to see as icons within two days!

It'll take me about four hours to get the tags sorted, but I'll give it a try! :)

Oh, and for legality, a sample of the "Smashy-Hulky" webcomic Katie put together, I hope that satisfies the requirement!

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Argh! Cute Overload!!Dying! The pain!

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Next: Marvel Zombies go kawaii. ::snicker::

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Thanks for the advice.

*sets up IV of insulin before looking at the images.*

D'aww these are adorable. I think my favourites are the Lockheed one with the little heart, the 5th Nightcrawler image and "yay books!" Beast.

However, like I said they're all adorable.

Uh oh. Insulins running out. Off to find more.

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Awe, where can I find some of these?

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Is that a Bitty Fastball Special? Awwwwweeeesome. :D

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These are all adorable, but that one made me squee at an inappropriately high pitch.

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*iz ded of cute*

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same here

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Man, it looks like Deadpool's got everyone convinced he's actually an X-Man.

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Well, he was for...


At least the incident where he dressed up in Jean's old outfit.

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And how we all wish we'd never seen that image. *shudder*

And the image later in the series, where he was still wearing Jean's yellow panties under his costume.

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Well, at least Apocalypse and Juggernaut are X-men villains. I don't think Squirrel Girl's existence has even been acknowleged by the X-books.

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Him and Squirrel Girl wandered in, and there's nothing they can do about them until Jean gets annoyed enough to give them the boot. Cause you need the phoenix force in order to get those two out.

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Hey, Squirrel Girl's team was called The Great Lakes X-Men for a while...

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I wasn't sold until I read on her site that some of Gambit's are glittery.

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Too cute! I love it!

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Toxic levels of cute!
kingrockwell: he's a sexy (Hank McCoy)

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All my favorite blue people! This is so iconned. :D :D :D
OH MY GOD lookitthawiddlejuggernaut!
Could this be a Black Cat for Marvel? i cannot tell you how much i hope o

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Sugar shock! :D

And yet, some of her work toes the line at fanservice? Curious...

New Babs/Dick icon!


Grr, retro is html fail today.

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*squeals with glee at dog-agony levels* Professor X in his wheelchair is ADORABLE OMG. And Logan at Jean's grave awwwww. And KurtKurtKurtKurtKurt~

I think the only other thing I can manage to say is :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*daiis of kyoot*

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damnit, now I'm hooked on smashy hulk adventures.

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I just slowly scrolled through all of these. Pointing, giggling, gasping and awww-ing through them.

I'm a grown man. :\