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These are not reviews.

Avatarex #3 - What's going on with this book? Issues have been massively late, and the previous issue's dialogue was weird and off, reading like a rough draft with placeholder dialogue that they forgot to/didn't have time to refine into something less boilerplate

This issue was better, but I don't think the art's doing it any real favors. This is especially evident in one scene in the middle, where a vision of what's supposed to be some dreadful, apocalyptic future falls flat because it's just a vague mess of dark shapes (I get that they're intentionally obscuring what the threat looks like, but surely you can do that while still making the scene suitably horrific and scary?) I remember once reading a short piece positing that Grant Morrison's stuff with stylized artists is always stronger than his stuff with realistic/quasi-realistic artists, and making a strong argument that the nature of his writing style makes that inevitably so. This book certainly seems to support that argument.

Vampirella #1 - The zero issue made it clear that this book was going into some weird, unconventional territory, but oh man, was anyone prepared for just how weird and crazy this is turning out to be? Haha, it's great.

I don't want to sound like one of those "This issue has a zombie dinosaur firing a giant freeze ray! How is that not the greatest thing ever?" people; I find that whole attitude kind of obnoxious and superficial, to be honest. But the we're-all-in-for-this weirdness here is really pretty great. What separates it from the more typical examples of this kind of stuff is that there's clearly a point to it all here, some substance underlying it. It's not just parading random weird ideas for the sake of parading weird ideas, which is often the case in a lot of today's "crazy" comics.

Barrier #4 - Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin have talked about how their goal is to do a bilingual comic that still works as a reading experience for folks fluent in only one of the two languages. But I don't know, this is the first issue where I'm not sure they really accomplish that. For the first time, I felt not understanding the Spanish parts of the story were cutting me off from something important. Then again, I suppose engendering that feeling to at least some extent is part of the goal, since the story's so much about language barriers and incomprehension.
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