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The Muck Monster

"It was almost like a dry run for me. I had Frankenstein in mind and I wanted to do it. I had an idea what I wanted the drawings to look like; and 'The Muck Monster'—and a few other things I did for Warren—were the embryonic version of the penwork that finally showed up in Frankenstein." - Bernie Wrightson

Very sad to hear about the passing of Bernie Wrightson. In his memory, this was a story he wrote and illustrated for Eerie #68 that would serve as the groundswell for what would arguably be his magnum opus, the illustrated version of Frankenstein.

In this version the mad scientist wants to create the monster but the monster does not want life as he recognizes he does not belong in the world of men (he narrates the story to us) and therefore does not reanimate. In a rage the scientist hacks up the monster and throws it in a vat of acid where it becomes sludge that he disposes of into the gutter. All the while the monster is still 'aware' of his existence.

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The level of groteque detail is just extraordinary (the reconstitution underground scene alone is just... breathtaking) but then compare it to the genuinely beautiful landscape at the top of the last page.

Stunning, just stunning...