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in a world where radioactive spider bites just shrivel up your arm, industrial waste to the face blinds you full-stop, and secret government assassin programs just give you claws...

well, Powerless happens.

Six issues of seeing what happens in a world without anything super, as told through the eyes of psychiatrist William Watts and the odd visions of 616 he's having.

(warning: i'm lazy, so I'm using thumbnails.)

For example, look at some of the people Dr. Watts encounters, like this lady and her workplace problems:

Powerless_01-07.jpg (527 KB)

or this guy, and his hard luck life:

Powerless_01-09.jpg (454 KB)

or this street sorcerer:

Powerless_01-14.jpg (513 KB)

or this guy, at his daily job:

Powerless_01-15.jpg (391 KB)

Powerless_01-16.jpg (407 KB)

or even this guy:

Powerless_01-22.jpg (443 KB)

Powerless_01-23.jpg (279 KB)

or this guy, who's got something of a temper:

Powerless_02_2004_13.jpg (434 KB)

Powerless_02_2004_14.jpg (437 KB)

or this little toy:

Powerless_02_2004_17.jpg (365 KB)

and the guy spearheading its development:

Powerless_4_of6_11-2004_08.jpg (368 KB)

(how very movie!Tony.)

and, of course, this nutjob:

Powerless_4_of6_11-2004_07.jpg (396 KB)

but you can't build an entire story on IT'S THAT GUY, BUT DIFFERENT. so things actually have to happen. like Project Iron Man and Oscorp corporate espionage, Eric Magnus's Phoenix Agenda and the killing of Charles Xavier, and the trial of Frank Castle for the murder of Leland Owlsley.

it's a pretty good read, with a few more cameos, and some neat endings. like logan's:

Powerless_06_2005_Team-DCP_pg18.jpg (404 KB)

and the resolution of frank castle's:

Powerless_06_2005_Team-DCP_pg22.jpg (362 KB)

and peter's, which has a hilarious death o'norman:

Powerless_06_2005_Team-DCP_pg14.jpg (457 KB)

so yeah, check it out.

Date: 2009-07-30 02:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] felinephoenix.insanejournal.com
Powerless! I loved Powerless, shame it's not more popular.

You forgot to mention that even with one arm, no powers, and STILL being hounded by Osborn -- Peter Parker is a total badass. I was so happy with how that subplot ended.


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