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In which Diana's opinions of the war in South East Asian War come to bite her in the ass.


Eisenhower wins via the power of patronising sexism!

The above scene was missing from the movie adaption of this series, and instead was covered with just a throw away sentence. I think that it's meant to be Diana is causing an embarassment to the government, so the honorary citizenship is a bribe to discretely leave the country.

It kind of shows that the idealist view of America Diana gained whilst she was fighting in the Second World War unfortunately doesn't measure up to the reality of the mid- to late Fifties and Sixties.

It's possible that her decision to arm those women in the other segment I posted may have come from her experience with resistance fighters in Occupied Europe or something, except in a cruel piece of dramatic irony those men she taught those women to fight off won't be overthrown like the Nazis were, and they're pretty much stuck there for the long haul.
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