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What happens when you combine Dungeons & Dragons, other medievil fantasy stories, and cooking series? Why, you get the intriguing series known as Delicious in Dungeon. Let's take a look at the first chapter!

Our tale begins with this narration:

It began in a tiny village. One day, the floor of the catacombs caved in with a small rumble, and a man emerged from the depths.

The man said he was the king of a golden country that had fallen a thousand years ago. The once-splendid country had been sealed deep beneath the earth by a lunatic magician and there it remained.

"I bestow my entire kingdom upon the one who defeats the magician." With those final words, the man turned to dust and vanished."

With that intro out of the way, we meet a small group of adventurers led by a man named Laios. He and his crew are wiped out by a dragon deep in the dungeon, one reason due to a lack of food after losing most of their supplies along the way. Laios' sister, Falin, manages to teleport everyone out... but she's eaten by the dragon. With no supplies, money, food, and very little in the way of equipment, the team finds themselves screwed, two members even leaving.

However, Laios, the mage Marcille, and the thief Chilchuck all decided to venture back into the dungeon and rescue Falin with just the equipment on their back. But... what about rations you may ask?



On their way in, Laios slays a walking mushroom and scorpion, deciding to use these for food.





The warrior guy helps them cook a bit, even using some of the plants on this floor to help spice up their food. Marcille gets mad and yells at him for desecrating foliage around there. However, as she yells...



From here, we learn a bit more about how slimes operate, their biology, and how you can cook & dry them. The mysterious warrior even discusses his history, saying he's researching and cooking monsters in the dungeon for over a decade, happy to see others like him now.

Eventually, the meal is finished...






The chapter ends with the team preceding into the dungeon, Senshi thinking about how best it would be the cook the dragon when they eventually defeat it.

And that's the first chapter of Delicious in Dungeon. What did you think? I frankly loved it, having bought the first volume. I hope what you saw here encourages you to check out the series as well. You won't be disappointed I feel.

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