Date: 2009-07-31 02:03 pm (UTC)
The 90s were a great time for comics if you avoided Image and its ilk, which I did. Don't think I ever read any except Moore's, Gaiman's and Sim's issues of SPAWN, and those out of curiosity alone(Sim's is the most interesting as a creator's rights statement). FROM HELL, 1963, TYRANT, TABOO, CAGES, and Delano's underseen run on ANIMAL MAN. GHOSTDANCING too. (I miss Richard Case) Most of SHADE. Millar & Hester's SWAMP THING. THE EATERS. KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND. (Yes I know, it's evil; I like that shut up) FACE. ENIGMA. Most of DOOM PATROL. MR. PUNCH. That's just the bigger stuff.

I certainly was a huge Vertigo fan in the 90s; it's superhero comics I avoided then, pretty much until first Morrison's JLA, and then he made me feel all dirty by doing X-Men. (Morrison. Made me. Buy X-Men. Bastard. Dropped it the SECOND he left, in fact a few issues before, when Silvestri reminded me why I hated it) After that the genre was reintegrated into my buying, but that's only because all the people I followed at Vertigo and in indies were all of a sudden doing superhero comics, after the 90s.
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