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"My version of Tarzan would skip the racism and be about him being a strange dude that suckled from an ape breast & eats raw." - Steve Orlando

Date: 2017-07-17 03:07 pm (UTC)
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this reminds me of the Animated Series episode where Dick is all pissed at Bruce for not giving a shit. and then finds out he hired one of the thugs he interrogated and gave him a job at Wayne enterprises. Like eventually you'll find out he's been giving people chances. (didn't he let the guy who was doing Aegis' tech a job in the hall of justice? Did Ray not notice that.?)

while I sympathize with Ray... I think he's still waaay too naïve... he doesn't need to come down to batman's level of mistrust (Which is NEVER as low as people think it is) but he can't STAY on his current level.


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