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Byrne makes it vague who Bruce's wife is throughout the series and (I think) the follow ups. Bruce Wayne never really had a romantic interest on the level of "Clark and Lois" (meaning from day one), so we don't know if this is Selina Kyle, Julie Madison, or someone else.

Also, Hal Jordan is president later in this series.
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The lack of reveal on Mrs. Wayne is something that REALLY bugged me about the series.

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they ended up divorcing didn't they?
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This was an awesome series. Generations II was not as good if I recall. Or it was good but just not at the same level of awesomeness as this one.
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There's got to be something mind boggling in the issues proper, right? Otherwise I just can't see the fuss. (On the other hand, Byrne's writing has never appealed to me in anyway.)
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Love this! So much awesome!

And as a Dick Grayson fan, I am happy to see him playing an important role in the World's Finest's world, which he always did in the Golden Age. I remember all the World's Finest covers with Dick having fun with his two mentors. :)
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Why is it such a bad thing for a normal kid to grow up as the son of Superman?
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Well, he'd be put under immense pressure, wouldn't he? If not from the expectations of the the world, then from his expectations of himself. No matter what, he'd just feel...stunted, in comparison.
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He was probably counting on the child's invulnerability to keep him safe from the combination of a toddler's knack for hurting himself + Lois Lane's unerring instinct to jump into the most dangerous situation possible.