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It's a good page and it works in and for the story, but man is there an ugly subtext to Bruce Wayne's son by blood, dressed as Batman, switching costume with a dead Dick Grayson Batman and telling the world " [The Joker] didn't kill Batman! He killed Robin! "

(It's almost certainly not intentional, but it is there.)
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That meeting with Nixon (and I'm kind of surprised they used his real face instead of a shadowy Nixon-shaped "Mr. President") is one of those times where the real world answer works just as well in fiction.

"Well, why don't you just turn loose a D-Day style invasion on Vietnam? Because the Reds would match you and then it's World War III, right? Same thing: You don't think the Soviets and Chinese don't have their own metahumans?"

Saying a military conflict "isn't that simple" to the POTUS" seems a bit condescending?
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Somebody almost certainly says it to POTUS five times a day currently
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I was trying not to go there...
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Speaking of which, did DC ever have any Communist themed supervillains at the time like Marvel did?

(Aside from KGBeast who was created long after this time period.)
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If the aliens can capture reality-warping and nearly invincible beings like Bat-mite and Mxzypltk with no effort, I think they are more than powerful enough already.
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I think it's more about not being able/willing to fight (See also: Galaxy Quest)
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So the son doesn't have powers, so they suppress the girl's powers so the son doesn't feel bad? Wonder if they would do this if the situation was reversed.
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i'm more interested in that necklace being actually a pretty good comic book way to cancel out that man of steel woman of Kleenex thing.... as well as Man of steel bat of Kleenex :D

seriously though. they did the same thing with the Blue Kryptonite ring in smallville. a shame they had a scene with "Hey smallville... put on the ring..."

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I got the feeling it was more to calm her down than to appease him.

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I think it was more so she could eventually learn to control them, and wait till she was older and could keep a secret better.

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Lois looks extremely pissed off about her pregnancies