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A lot of us on here seem to be Doctor Who fans, and this is fairly big news so I decided to post it. With Peter Capaldi wrapping up as the Twelfth Doctor, it has been an interesting wait to see who would succeed him.

Well, just this morning it has been announced that the usual formula has been shaken up a bit with the casting of the very first female in the role of the Doctor, actress Jodie Whittaker, best known for appearing in Broadchurch and generally as a side character in a lot of British productions.

Sadly though not unexpectedly, there has been some discontent and vitrol online with fans and others unhappy with a with such a change to a fifty year-old show. Personally I'm cautiously optimistic, Whittaker is a solid actress and we've had twelve white dudes ranging from 30-60 years-old already.

In addition, anyone who follows the show will know that Time Lords can change genders through regeneration, so it's not as if the canon has been completely shifted around.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the new female Doctor?

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