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The latter made stops along the way.

The former knew why he was making them.

The Black Hood made it to the second stop too late.

He caught up with the Nobody at his third stop.

The Black Hood entered the house of the family he'd saved from a home invasion the first time he'd been in the area and saw them tied up at dinner.

" This is between you and me. Leave these people out of it. "

" Impossible. They're absolutely part of this.

" We all are. Every single person on this planet. Interconnected. Or do you not believe that all is one? "

" ..

" What? "

" It's just something I've come to realize after many years of killing people.

" It's kind of the only thing that makes sense. "

The Hood upset the table, pinning the Nobody against a window with it.

The family fled, leaving the two of them alone.

" Huh. This equation refuses to work itself out. "

He didn't process those words until he was on the Nobody's trail again.

He thought about the bloodbath that'd driven him to leave Philadelphia, about the death of one of the only two people he thought cared about him.

He thought about the other.

He made his way to Philadelphia.

Climbing up a ladder in Frankford, thinking about finding Jessie, he was attacked.

" You don't get to die. Not yet. "

(That's Kip Burland, who'd been the Black Hood when the protagonist shot him.

He's very much alive.)
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