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X-MEN UNLIMITED #11: Uncles and nieces

With XDoop's post of Rachel Summers revealing her past as a mutant hound in her alternate timeline home, here's a brief look at one of Rachle's more painful memories from that timeline. X-MEN UNLIMITED (vol 2) #11 had Rachel Summers talking with her uncle, Alex "Havok" Summers about Cyclops' romance with Emma Frost.

Alex and Rachel were never on the same team at the same time. The post-Morrison era is the only time I can think of when they were both in the mansion on separate teams.

001 X-Men Unlimited V2 #11 - Page 3

001 X-Men Unlimited V2 #11 - Page 4

D'oh! She hunted him down so the Sentinels could kill him.

An interesting aspect about the very end of this story is that it appears Alex doesn't like Scott's romance with Emma any more than Rachel does. Alex is just a lot better at keeping his opinions to himself. Perhaps this story ties into why Alex and Rachel are fighting to depose Vulcan in "War of Kings." As of now, Alex is the only family Rachel can really connect to.

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Oh come on, who didn't see that comin' ?????

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Indeed, and it's not like Alex doesn't have an idea of just how frelled-up her future was either. (But to be fair, in that first close in shot of his face, he does look like someone has been punching him hard, so he might be concussed)

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I had to clue this story was written by Yost. I should have buy it (but I didn't know Yost back then).

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An interesting aspect about the very end of this story is that it appears Alex doesn't like Scott's romance with Emma any more than Rachel does.

There's a scene I think in Milligan's X-Men run where Havok and Polaris both say they don't like it. And now they're all in space.

But it is nice to see Havok and Rachel interacting.

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And now they're all in space.

Coincidence? Ô.o

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Brubaker's, early on, when they visit an abandoned space station (unless Milligan also wrote such a scene).

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Makes sense. Polaris was Jean's friend and Havok doesn't particularly like Emma.

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With all that leather, the kneeling position, the gas-mask looking helmet, and the leash, it's like something out of BDSM book. XD

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"BDSM" is to "Claremont scripted series"


"PoTAYto" is to "PoTAHto"

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You mean Water - Wet.

// Foxhack, who forgot his stupid password again!

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Ooh, now I want Alex of all people to be the one that comes down on the Scott/Emma relationship and denounces it with one good speech.

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Given his own scrambled love life, that would be more than a touch hypocricial. He DID get involved with Nurse Annie, no?

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No, he damn well did not, and you can't make me believe otherwise!

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Ah, crap, it cut out my witty tag. Here: [/despairing denial]

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I try to forget.

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Oh, Rachel. Totally my X-Men crush of great awesomeness. Always liked the red version of the hound suit she wore (and remember I her most from Excalibur- where she drawn with quite full hips, loved it). Also, of course they don't like the Scott/Emma relationship. I've never found much about it to like (however, I do actually like both Scott and Emma, so go figure).

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Sometimes I think its only Morrison and I who like Emma and Scott.

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Nah I liked it too, but not a big fan with what's going on with it at the moment.

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I actually like it a lot too. The execution of it just wasn't the greatest.

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I really like it actually
Hopefully Dark Reign won't mess things up for them

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Here, It's Never Just You.

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I too (three? four? you know what I mean) like them together.
And I do like Jean too, but Scott and Emma are just so interesting. Not to mention I kinda like the idea of relationships post-epic love.

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I like them (their dynamic is a lot more, well, dynamic, than Scott and Jean, though I like them too).

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I liked it too. Didn't at first, but it's much better than Scott's necrophilia fetish.

Dude loves a DEAD WOMAN! Come on!

// Foxhack, about 14 hours away from going back home