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Ah, 1970. The "Mod Squad" had been on the air for three years. Over in Britain, "Mod" styles were fading fast, but in offices of DC comics, where "hip" and "trendy" editors were always proud to be in the vanguard of all the latest cultural trends ("vanguard means in the rear, right?"), it was time for Supergirl to get slightly less behind the times, and a new "Mod" outfit was exactly the thing. Creator credits were still too radical for DC back then, but the Internet knows the blame is all on the head of writer/artist Mike Sekowsky.

adventure 397-00

adventure 397-02

So, having met Wonder Woman, who had gone "mod" a few years before, Linda drives her convertible back to campus, where a crowd has gathered. "Hope it's not the beginning of a riot," she thinks. But no, it's about a female student who was found wandering the campus in a comatose state that morning (I know, comatose and wandering don't mix. Let's just say research is not Sekowsky's strong point).

"Sounds like something Supergirl can handle a lot better than Linda Danvers can." Supergirl goes to the hospital and puts her hand on the sick student's forehead. "I'll try to delve into her subconscious. Maybe I can learn something." Odd, I don't recall super-telepathy being one of Supergirl's powers. I guess research *really* wasn't Sekowsky's strong point. Anyway, Supergirl learns that the student succumbed to peer pressure to attend a cult meeting, where a robed figure called Zond did something unspecified to her that caused her to become traumatized.

Unable to learn more via super-telepathy, Supergirl eavesdrops on some followers of Zond and learns the time and place of the next meeting. She mugs an acolyte of Zond, steals the person's robes, and shows up at the meeting... but is immediately spotted by Zond, who it turns out is a magician. Zond uses magic to throw Supergirl around until she passes out. The next morning:

adventure 397-09

adventure 397-10

adventure 397-11

Our heroic trio quickly find the next meeting. Again Zond senses spies in his midst, but this time things go much more poorly for him:

adventure 397-13

Supergirl kicks Zond's ass quite thoroughly, then turns him over to Morgana, who, before leaving, erases the traumatic memories from the comatose student "She will sleep now, and when she wakes, she will remember nothing..."

Supergirl thanks Wonder Woman for the help and for the new costume. "It was a pleasure Supergirl -- and I hope we meet again, soon!" The End.

And that is the tale of how Supergirl hung up her cheerleader frock after, what, 12 years of wearing the exact same thing every day? Something tells me she would have changed things up a lot sooner if not for wanting to avoid a fight with her stick-in-the-mud cousin and his small town Kansas prudery.
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