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I was minding my business, and Marie Javin from DC e-mailed me about Deathstroke. I went "Deathstroke?" It took me a minute but I had to go, "Isn't he that guy who fights the Teen Titans?" She goes, "Yeah." And I go, "He has his own book?" "For a long time now." I knew nothing. So I said, "Send me some of that and I'll look at it." I looked at The New 52 stuff and I looked at some stuff prior to and I got in contact with her and said, "I appreciate you thinking of me, but I can't write this."

And she said, "We're doing this 'Rebirth' thing, so if you were writing Deathstroke what would you do?" And I said that it would be interesting to me if I could do something introspective. Kind of "behind the mask," you know? Get inside his head a little and kind of treat him the way we treated Black Panther in a lot of ways, where people are speculating about his motives and what he's going to do, and he's always one step ahead of everybody.
-- Christopher J. Priest

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