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He'd just discovered that he hadn't killed Lex Luthor as he thought.

" Luthor, you torment me past your death! This suits you not! "

Lex laughed.

" Can you two just..

Lex's laughter paused.

" What..? "

Superman was as confused.

" Darkseid? What..

(Darkseid copied Lex's technology because he wanted it for his war against the former citizens of Kandor, whom Superman unbottled and settled on the planet Nibiru, on the other side of the sun.

He's fighting them for control of the planet, their New Krypton. If he wins, it'll be his New Apokalips.)

Lex triggered the self-destruct functionality that'd come along in the copying.

The cube exploded.. and smoked, unscathed.

" Indestructible.

" Made from the same material that fashioned the Boom Tube. Nothing can destroy it. "

Darkseid turned to leave through the open Boom Tube behind him.

Superman overtook him, flying through to Apokalips.

There, he met the one called El again.

(El lent a helping hand to the progression of this whole thing.

What exactly he is isn't exactly specified.)

Darkseid went for broke, launching a full-scale invasion of Krypton.

Superman, the titular Supermen, and some of the New Gods drove them back.

Superman hurled Darkseid through the Tube and followed him, pulling it inside out along the way (and exerting some effort).

(The Boom Tube, referred to in the singular throughout this, was needed by Darkseid to stage attacks against New Krypton. It was otherwise protected by a forcefield.)

(His simultaneous pettiness and menace in this was great.)
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