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I spent most of this Saturday at Atlanta's DragonCon, which takes place here every Labor Day weekend for the past 30 days, cosplaying as The Question under the Georgia sun. A recurring guest at the DCon is Disney comic books legend Don Rosa, who is almost unknown in his native US but is a very big name in the European comics scene.

I had the pleasure to chat with Don, and told him that I though he did a good job on continuing Carl Barks' work. He quipped "I think just you and me know who Carl Barks is in this room, kid".

While I'm sure it's an exaggeration, what I do know is we don't have enough Barks or Rosa here. So I'll post a sample of a 1996 Don Rosa story that was reprinted by Fantagraphics in 2014 for Free Comic Book day, called "A Matter of Some Gravity".

We have Donald cleaning up cobwebs for his tight-fisted uncle and falling off a ladder exactly on Ms. Quackfaster's desk while Scrooge's secretary was away. Naturally, he does her work for free too, including showing visits in.

Climbing the desks and stacking heavy stuff, such as money bags, gets them out of the office. Now it's out in the open.

It's neat how the upper half is our point of view, and the lower half is theirs.

Magica's getting into a cab and straight to the airport. Scrooge, Donald and the kids follow her using the boost from the sideways gravity. There's a scene inside a bus that'd be worth scanning, but I'd like to keep it under 7 pages.

Huey, Luey and Dewey grab on to the grownups and steer them towards the plane with a fire extinguisher.

Now everyone's upside down, including the plane!

They land the plane... somehow.

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