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Issue #6's focus was Mr. Freeze.

It opened in Alaska, three hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Batman entered a research station and saw its occupants frozen.

He heard sounds.

" Victor! "

He turned.

" What have you done? "

They swarmed around him.

His suit burned out.

He dropped to his knees.

" Welcome, Batman.. "

Mr. Freeze entered the room.

" .. to the top of the world. "

Freeze ordered his men to remove Batman's suit and take him to the center of things.

Batman tried to warn Freeze that others knew what he was planning to do, that they were coming in planes with bombs.

Freeze asked him if he knew who the cold ones around them were.

" ..

" The dead. "

Freeze said that they weren't the dead, but " The dreaming. "

They'd been people who'd put themselves into cryogenic sleep, people Freeze'd woken up to make an army of.

Freeze'd realized that he'd woken them too early when he saw how they'd awoken.

He'd heard them moan and seen them groan, and realized that the world wasn't for them yet, wasn't for his Nora yet.

He'd realized that he had to do more before he awoke her.

He pointed to his intended instrument.

His words turned to those that'd awake.

" And it'll be coming from her. From Nora. She'll be screaming when you wake her up. "

" What? "

" Nora was passionate about her work, and about dance and art.. and from what you say, she loved you for your passion. "

Batman said that that passion, that life, was what she wanted- was probably what Freeze's cold men wanted too.

Freeze disagreed.

He and his entered their protective chambers, leaving an incendiary bomb behind to open up the ice core.

He went to sleep.

He felt the bustling world cool down, grow calm.

He, Nora, and the others awoke to a cool world, a better one, a world-

- that wasn't, because he awoke out of it again, to

(Batman tore his sleeves off.)

He heard the screaming and thought it was Nora.

He turned to her.

Batman hit him.

' And it's only when being dragged back to the chamber.. '

The bombs that weren't Freeze's hit.

(The poem's Robert Frost's Fire and Ice.)
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