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She heard a sound outside her tent.

She opened the flap.

Batman appeared before her.

" Dr. Isley. "

She tried to drive him away. He vanished.

She asked if he was here to take her in.

" No. "

She caught him.

" I'm *unh*.. I'm here to ask for your help. "

(The green's because Batman's wearing his stealth rig.)

(Batman's countermeasure did not wholly eliminate Freeze's bacteria.)

The men after Batman and Ivy closed in on them.

Ivy pressed Batman on something she'd realized, looking at the sample he'd given her.

" .. she's already dead, isn't she? ' Lilly. ' Just looking at the worm, I can see she must be. The speed of its growth.. I'd say around thirteen hours.

" She died, and they likely incinerated her just as you arrived. I'm right, aren't I? "

" .. "

(The countdown flashbacks started from thirteen, with Lilly's smoking skull.)

(In this, Ivy's control is call-and-response.)

Batman and Ivy fought off the apparent Blackhawks (the former, asking who they were, got only their insignia as an answer).

Flame from their weapons during the fight caught Ivy's tree.

Watching it burn, she told Batman to leave.

" I'm sorry. " he said, peeling the wax off his lips.

" Wax lips?

" So why did you fight for me then? "

" Wait. "

(Her vines are handy things.)

(Pencils, inks, and colors're by Tula Lotay.

Pagecount's ~7 of 22 from All-Star Batman #7.)
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