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I've posted before from Visionaries, a sadly short lived 1980's toy line/cartoon and comic.

This weekend is "HasCon", the official convention of Hasbro toys, sort of alamganating every property they have and those included in their deal with IDW

So IDW has revealed images of their revamps of the line over at AVClub

And, courtesy of writer Magdalene Visaggio and Argentinian artist Fico Ossio, they've had a bit of an overhaul, designwise... a bit less "junkyard Camelot" chic, a bit more Mad Max...

This is what they used to look like

This is the new look for Leoric, leader of the Spectral Knights (the good guys)

They used to have staffs rather than shields (Though as shown in the link to my old post, they eventually gave shields to Virulina and Galadria to sort out the power imbalance) and the staff/shield didn't display their totem animal, that was on their chestplate, with the staff carrying the image of the acquired spell (Leoric's power was Wisdom, with the totem of an owl, for example)

And here he is in casualwear (for a rather prescribed value of "casual")

I'm glad they're goping for a more diverse ethnic mix (The Visionaries toy line and cartoon was entirely white people)

And this is his totem form, the "inner animal" shape that all the Visionaries can assume

Well, that's certainly a bit more... glam rock album cover, than his traditional lion form (but I suppose if he's from an alien world, this might be a lion analogue)... it also makes me think "Digimon" for some reason...

And here we have three of the Spectral Knights; Arzon (Totem = Eagle, Spell - Knowledge), Witterquick (Totem = Cheetah, Spell - Speed) and Ectar (Totem - Fox, Spell - Protection when using his vehicle the Lancer Cycle)

Galadria (Totem - Dolphin, Spell - Healing) and our first Darkling Lord, Cindarr (Totem - Gorilla, Spell - Destruction)

Oh look, her costume appears to include randomly exposed skin for no reason... that's disappointing.

Two more Darkling Lords - Lexor (Totem - Armadillo, Spell - Invulnerability) and Cravex (Totem - Spider, Spell - Fear)

And the first (and only) lady of the Darkling Lords, Virulina (Totem - Shark, Spell - Disease)

Virulina again, and the new look (VERY new look) for Merklynn, who appears to dropping the "Wise old bearded guy" look like a hot potato.

I dunno, I appreciate the redesigns (Reminds me a little of what Sophie Campbell did with Jem), but I sort of like the old "suit of armour" look, which did evince the "Knights" aspect a bit more, but these are certainly striking.

And Ossio has shared the stages of one of the covers for the series that will introduce the Visionaries into the realm of the IDW verse "Transformers Vs Visionaries"

Given that Visionaries centres around the notion of technology ceasing to work on their homeworld, and magic coming to the fore again, I do wonder how they'll work in the Transformers-verse, but we shall see.
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