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Betty sells her soul

"One of the most talked-about Archie Comics stories ever [...] This one has taken on such legendary status that many don't even believe it exists."

--Paul Castiglia, Archie 75th Anniversary Digest #5

In 2012, One Million Moms protested against the marriage of Kevin and his boyfriend Clay in Life with Archie. I wonder what they would've made of this story, back when it was first published.

From "Mr. Inferno," Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #75 (March 1962). Script by Frank Doyle, art by Dan DeCarlo. Two of six pages.

Sata--uh, Mr. Inferno, assuring Betty that he's visible only to people he's helping, has her seek out Archie. Sure enough, Archiekins falls for her and only her on the spot. Betty, apparently figuring she hasn't been morally questionable enough yet, dispatches him to give Veronica the news in person. The furious Veronica goes off looking for Betty. As Veronica approaches, Mr. Inferno abruptly gets nervous. Betty asks him why, given that only people he helps can see him.

I particularly like how DeCarlo departs from his usual style in his design of the Dev--er, Mr. Inferno, giving him a not-of-this-world appearance which is even a bit creepy. At least until he meets his match in our girls, at which point he looks rather like one of the artist's usual double-dealing teenage boys, doesn't he?

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Ah, the odd Christian Archie comics. I bet the Riverdale show would have been better with Mr Inferno.
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The Riverdale show is a very guilty pleasure.
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That's what I thought of immediately - De Carlo's Christian beliefs
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I stand corrected!
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Still beats the you-know-where out of One More Day.
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Little did they know that Spire comics would come....and bring with it many gifts.
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How do you think Mister Inferno would fare against Sabrina?
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This is pretty great :D