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New Rules, Old Rules?

Since we're trying to make this something of a refugee camp for SD - should we consider new rules that would make the same thing less likely to happen? I'd love to hear the SD mods' ideas on making the community more "copyright friendly." A quarter of a comic instead of half? A minimum of reviewing or comments so it's more like a legal review with fair use instead of simply posting comics to read?

At the very least we should probably try to find a backup of the old rules and post them in the community front page, if anyone has them.

For random legality:

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As much as I'm tempted to say 'joke 'em if they can't take a eff', the question really is about insanejournal's policies. Being _more_ friendly won't help all that much, as soon as someone gets a bug up their snoot.

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a quarter would leave people unable to post anything after the companies put up their previews

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Weren't the mods on LJ rewriting the rules anyway? I'm sure I read they were going to publish them next week - couldn't we have a look at them first, rather than start from scratch. Seems a shame to waste all their hard work!
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Agreed. But I'm hanging to the hope that S_D might be resurrected, so perhaps we need not copy their ToS right away and just work it out amongst ourselves for now.
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I've pimped this comm to so many places :D

What about friends-locking each post? It doesn't really solve the copyright problems, but it'll mean not everyone has the opportunity to d/l the images. I know snark is S_D's claim to fame, but I think we ought to say something in the ToS about reining in the wank. It's not worth it, honestly.

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I think recent comic issues are more likely to cause bad mojo -- maybe we should be extra cautious about how much we post of those?

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As far as mod input goes, I'm staying out of this.

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I was wondering how any of this was in any way legal at all. It's kinda Chinese-dvd-vendory.