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Three scans from Incredible Hercules #132.

As seen in the preview, Hera's goons are after our heroes, and Athena splits off to fight them.  Herc and Zeus head on to rendezvous with the Mighty Avengers, but run into Balder (dressed in his Simonson costume) and some pursuing Dark Elves.  Herc and Zeus defeat them, and Balder recruits him for a new mission:  there's trouble in the realm of the Dark Elves.  Herc guesses that Malekith the Accursed is behind it.

They give him Thor's costume (strangely, given later twists, his modern one; maybe Thor's on TV more) and a fake hammer, but Herc crunches it dismissively, and goes to Jersey to get his adamantine mace out of storage (he's got a ton of stuff stashed in a rented unit under his "Vic Tegler" identity), which they magick to make look like Mjolnir.

And off they go...

Brown is a great fit for this book (the roster of upcoming artists is really good, after the somewhat lower quality stuff on #127-128).
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