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Four scans from Blackest Night #2, one of which I found particularly interesting.

So dead rising, blah blah, you know the story.

First, what might possibly be a very significant story point:

That's the only person who's resisted the rings so far (up to and including, in this issue, the Spectre).

In terms of page-count, the main thread of this issue would be Mera and No-Longer-Aqualad fighting Zombie-Aquaman (and a couple of No-Longer-Aqualad's Zombie ex-girlfriends).  Mera hasn't had much to do in...a very long time, but she's pretty cool here.  If the constant rumours of Johns doing something Aqua-related ever come true, this bodes well.

Garth is killed, and joins the Black Lanterns; if nothing else, it's unmistakeably clear that the end of Blackest Night is going to bring back a lot of characters..

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You're making reading this at work difficult with a comment like that!


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