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Blackest Night cover #5

IGN has the cover for Blackest Night #5... as well as an interview with Geoff Johns.

These are most of the characters brought back to life after major deaths.

Actually, after JLA: Obsidian Age, the Big Seven should be there, too, since they were killed and undead for over several thousand years.

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In the new BLACKEST NIGHT, what was the most resonant and creepy, and dramatic, part was the Aquaman/Mera/Garth scenes. Possibly it's because of his anger, and anger has been a huge part of the character from Skeates onward(and no character Aparo drew in the Seventies has been to anger management) and the dramatic heart of his appeal. And not to mention his numerous reasons for feeling a need for vengeance. So far, he's the one that's come back the meanest and fiercest, and it's his story I want to follow right now.

Is there still enough left that hasn't been posted that I can post any of that scene? I found it that impressive. And sad.

Also: I have scans of ATLANTIS CHRONICLES. Which is of course, OOP, but also PAD. Should I/do y'all want me to post any?