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Bizarro/Grundy, the legend continues...

Since the adorable interaction between Grundy and Bizarro, as seen in this post is what got me to pull Solomon Grundy in the first place, now that Bizarro was in the book again last week, I figure I'd share!

We begin with a page from #5 from last week, as some guys I figure are with LexCorp come to recapture Bizarro.

Only they apparently don't, since he suddenly appears free in #6, when Frankenstein and S.H.A.D.E. attack Grundy.

Grundy attacks Alan, but Frankenstein runs him through with his magic sword. Bad things happen.

H-Hello, Grundy. Hello. :(

Me am so happy for Bizarro. He am hero me hate most in world. Me want him always be so happy. :(

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Solomon Grundy #6 made me feel bad for Bizarro.

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It's interesting that the most two-dimensional character there is is getting a lot of character development lately. It seemed to start around when All Star Superman went to Bizzarro world. Since then, the main DC books have portrayed Bizarro as more than just a big dumb deformed backwards speaking copy who pops up out of nowhere to abuse Supes.