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Hell hath no fury

Like a widow at her husband's royal funeral.

Newsarama has shows the Inhuman royal family trashing the Imperial Guard. Wordless art. *with nods to the CBR board*

1. Medusa unleashed.

2. Feel free to come up with royal indignation... and yes, I thought about it to.

"Madness? This is SPARTA!!"

3. Wow, is she showing her age and just how much this took out of her.
Woof..., and not in a good way.

4. And I do like Maximus' smug look. He should be able to take out the guard on his own, since he's almost as powerful as Blackagar himself.

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I always expect Medusa just to stab people. I'm gonna say they didnt get her at her best angle there...

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Ah! I had looked at them, but had assumed she was still choking people. Being able to do "anything", and having that ability since she was a teen, you would think she would be super creative :D

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Maximus does have a slightly smug look on his face, or at least a half-smile. I'm actually a little surprised Maximus is not part of Norman Osborn's Cabal, unless Norman figures the Inhumans aren't worth negotiating with.

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they were in deep space at the time. Still are actually.

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Medusa hates phantom spaceman.

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Phantom spaceman is a big fat jerk!!

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I love that Lockjaw gets to fight too

And that Crystal is embarassed by the fighting.

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Ditto. I smiled at Lockjaw going OM NOM NOM on that one guy's head. And Crystal's reaction at the end is great. It's half a look of extreme sadness, while the other half seems to be a kind of, "OMG, we can't even have a FUNERAL without starting a massive fight. Soooooo embarassing".

I also like how they've been having Medusa use her hair in attacks lately, slamming people around and whatnot. I think my favorite though is still from that mini series where she used her hair to give Venom some lashings. Anyone remember what the name of that series was? I saw scans of it on the old scans_daily and was thinking about picking it up.

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That was Beyond!

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Beyond! made me a total Medusa fanboy.

Although I think my favourite part was when she hit someone (Xemnu?) with a REALLY big rock.

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Aw, it's a bit unfair to comment on a lady's appearance re: youth/attractiveness at her husband's funeral. Especially when they were such an especially close partnership! :[

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My hair used to be unruly until I started using conditioner.

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Considering that Medusa's over 100 years old, I think she looks good for her age.

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I don't want them to treat the IG like jobbers. They are no slouches, they could easily stand toe to toe with the Inhuman Royal Family.

That was one of my problems with the "War of Kings" the Inhumans were way overpowered.

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For a second there, I thought that was Titania...'s grandmother.

On the plus side, Imperial guard bashing. There can never be enough of that.

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I'm a bit puzzled why the former and disgraced Imperial Guard would be at the same funeral as Blackbolt. These guys served the enemy. Lilandra died a rebel supported by pirates and earthlings. Gladiator was the only one to rebel and support her, I thought.

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He's the Majestor now though. Presumably they serve him now.