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Hell hath no fury

Like a widow at her husband's royal funeral.

Newsarama has shows the Inhuman royal family trashing the Imperial Guard. Wordless art. *with nods to the CBR board*

1. Medusa unleashed.

2. Feel free to come up with royal indignation... and yes, I thought about it to.

"Madness? This is SPARTA!!"

3. Wow, is she showing her age and just how much this took out of her.
Woof..., and not in a good way.

4. And I do like Maximus' smug look. He should be able to take out the guard on his own, since he's almost as powerful as Blackagar himself.

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Maximus does have a slightly smug look on his face, or at least a half-smile. I'm actually a little surprised Maximus is not part of Norman Osborn's Cabal, unless Norman figures the Inhumans aren't worth negotiating with.

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they were in deep space at the time. Still are actually.