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He's got dark hair, blue eyes, fantastic legs and shows a whole lot of skin... who could THAT be? :)

Now anyone who has been reading my posts would start to think that I was obsessively interest in the heroic career of young Mr Grayson of Gotham City to the exclusion of all others... This is, of course, far from the truth. I am attracted to well toned, blue eyed, dark haired heroes who are very confident in their masculinity without the need for macho posturing. (And another coincidence here is that they have similar looking little brother's (adopted or actual) who followed in their footsteps!)

But such heroes only come along every... oh, let's say a thousand years! Good thing for me we have the Legion of Superheroes!

This is my latest commission, from Jeff Moy, long time artist on the post Zero Hour Legion (amongst others), but this is Cosmic Boy in his Mike Grell (and not Dave Cockrum as I first thought) designed "boy-basque" from the 1970's and early 80's so, yes, anything that's not shaded black or a rectangle is exposed skin... Isn't he cute? :) (That must be some serious nipple restraining material in the fabric though, OUCH! Or maybe Braalian males don't HAVE nipples)

Oh, and for those who were wondering about the absence of a flight ring, that era's Legion could make theirs invisible if they wanted to (It meant that if an artist forgot to draw a flight ring, it could be explained away)

And as a surprise bonus, Mr Moy threw in a signed copy of a print he and long time inker CW Carani had done some time ago. Featuring... deep breath... left to right, back to front; Sensor, Chameleon, Spark, Cosmic Boy, Triad (all three of her), M'onel, Star Boy, Brainiac 5, Andromeda, Umbra, Lightning Lad, Invisible Kid, Ultra Boy, Apparition, XS, Saturn Girl, Kid Quantum, Kinetix and Shrinking Violet!

In my version of things, Gates WOULD have been there, but ported out when he realised that this was going to be used to promote "the teenage death squad" he'd been assigned to!

I've loved Jeff's style for a long time, and a while back he did a rather nice Robin and Ivy sketch for me, so it was nice to add a couple more to the collection.


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