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What any ordinary homemaker has never imagined...

She's like a mix of Tinker-Bell, a porn-star, and Aunt May (?)

Also, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 news. And now....I BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!!

Psylocke, Blade, and Cyclops have been confirmed for the Wii.

I am very mixed about this. I mean, I was so leaning towards the 360 version (seeing as how it has better graphics and I own MUA1 for 360. that Cyclops and Psylocke have FINALLY made way into the game*...I don't know which version to buy!

* One of the developers stated that Betsy and Slim were originally going to be playable in the first game, but due to time constraints, they were scrapped, instead appearing in Doom's Castle.

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Heh, I had Aladdin. But I'm always going to be all over Final Fantasy II & III (it's so hard for me not to call them IV and VI nowadays), Illusion Of Gaia, I the only one who ever played and loved Paladin's Quest?

Shit, I'm gonna be booting up my emulator in five seconds.