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A serious competition for Terry Long?!

As requested I continue posting random 80's Teen Titans stuff.

So... not happy with Terry Long being Donna's lover? Too old? Too annoying? Too creepy? And on top of that a silly haircut? Well, in New Teen Titans #11-12 (1981) he's getting a rival:

See for yourself if the new guy in town can keep up with Terry!

The context: in an intense battle with Deathstroke Gar got shot and is now on the brink of death. To save their friend the Titans fly off to Paradise Island where Gar hopefully can be healed by the Amazon's Purple Ray. While the girls take Gar down to the island the boys leave for a different mission in Africa. And somewhere else...

Meet Hyperion from the Titans of Myth! And before the obvious encounter with Donna, let's take a quick look and compare him with Terry:

Hair: ... well, give Terry a shave and put some flowers in his hair and they could be brothers.
Age: with more than 30.000 years Hyperion wins here - to be fair, Terry might look old but he's actually only 29.
Factor of annoyance: most of us were a bit angry at Terry because he ruined Dick's speech at the campfire scene, but at least you can get a word out in his presence... not so sure here.
Factor of creepiness: ... I always found the Titans of Myth pretty creepy, too.

Hera help me, too, for I cannot bear his enormous ego...

You heard Kory, Dick is the only real man on earth!

And off they fly... to Tartarus once again. After battling a few cyclopses they manage to free the other Titans of Myth:

Together they decide that it's about time to throw Zeus and the other younger gods from the throne. Also: Kory, Raven and the Amazons are on their way to rescue Donna (bringing even Athena herself along), but Donna being Hyperion's new first lady doesn't really care.
Instead in the next issue they head off to Mount Olympus...

Epic battles are fought there and in the end the Titans of Myth win, turning the younger gods into stone.

Momma's here and she doesn't approve of Donna's new boyfriend.
They try to talk things out. Athena being the awesome mod explains that the new peaceful world the Titans of Myth were talking about unfortunately comes without freedom and free will.

And war they get! Kory frees Zeus and before the situation gets even worse, Athena can finally talk sense into everyone. Everyone? Not quite! Hyperion still has something to bitch about.

I know this single page was already included in the Donna&Terry love story post, but it's the epilogue, I can't leave it out...

I'm so bold to say that with Kyle Donna's taste in men changed for the better.

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Well, she was as much as Temi is. But if you include Golden Age Steve Trevor, you also have to include Silver and Bronze Age Steve Trevor, which is a net negative.

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I don't know Temi, but I thought Golden Age Wonder Woman got her powers through Amazon Bondage Training.

If I acknowledge that there even was a Silver and Bronze Age Steve Trevor, I'd have to acknowledge a Silver and Bronze Age Wonder Woman, and that's not going to happen. But in those books that didn't happen, wasn't Steve Trevor dead for most of the Bronze age?

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Artemis, sorry. 90s Replacement Wonder Woman. She doesn't have powers (well, she shouldn't, though periodically that gets ignored), but she got to use the Gauntlet of Atlas and the Sandals of Hermes, and basically got to be flying and punchy through magical tools, which is thematically equivalent to Magic Bondage Training (Marston may have presented it like there was nothing supernatural about it, but if you can lose it just because a man puts his foot on a lump of sand, it's magical).

wasn't Steve Trevor dead for most of the Bronze age?

Well, some. He was his own son for a while in there too, or masquerading as his own son, or as somebody else, or... something. I confess I haven't read the era too vigorously.

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Bronze Age Steve Trevor is the best indicator that if there were large numbers of comics series with female leads, their male love interests would indeed get messed around with as much as female love interests in male-lead comics often are. Because man, dude had it rough. No one had the slightest clue what to do with him; he died, he came back, died again, an AU version turned up at one point, I think...

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(Marston may have presented it like there was nothing supernatural about it, but if you can lose it just because a man puts his foot on a lump of sand, it's magical).

Or legal!

Golden Age Athena held a patent on Amazonian training, and licensed it to Aphrodite under stringent terms. No men on Paradise Island is part of the terms. If they let a man step foot on the island, their license is revoked!