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Deadpool:Merc With The Mouth preview #3

Since its Friday, I thought we could all unwind a little with a good laugh.
CBR has the preview of the continuing adventures when Deadpool meets Un-Deadpool.

Looks like Wade did had too many tacos, hence mysterious vapor is "rising" from Deadpool.

And it looks like UnDeadpool has the same dual-voice action going on in his head.

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I know it was mentioned in the Punisher #9 preview thread, but just to reiterate here: this blurry preview thing needs to halt, Marvel.

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I was just about to ask about this. Some new policy(or w/e) huh? Hope this doesn't last long and DC doesn't copy this trend.

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Motto. When I see these kinds of scans, the first thing I pay attention to is not the art or writing, it's the horrible pixelization. All I can think of is "god, somebody really sucks at compressing images for the web"... except the speech bubbles are still smooth and crisp, so the compression here and on Punisher was done on purpose.
It just reminds me of when I see DVD cover art that has jpg artifacts. Looks unprofessional and ugly.

And what kind of advantage Marvel thinks they'll get from these blurry previews? I just don't understand it.

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I think the logic is we'll want to see it, so we'll buy the book?

Which is asinine, because the preview is meant to show you how good the book is so you'll buy it.