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Andy Price is an artist whose style I've loved since I first saw this image;

(Of course, what I REALLY want to see is the matching Dick pic but that remains, sadly, solely in our imaginations)

Luckily I DO have this one to keep me happy... VERY happy

Andy has a genuine, if delightfully irreverent, love of the DC characters, in all their assorted styles and era's and can seemingly reproduce all of them.

Luckily he does a lot of work with sketchcards, for the DC Legacy series, and the new Batman Archives set from Rittenhouse and so there have been many nice examples of his work to be had, e-bay being a big help there!

So just bear in mind as you go through these, ALL of them are by the same artist....

The Dynamic Duo

The Batman himself

1960's TV series, comic book style (If you see what I mean)

And a nice one of Adam and Burt had continuity taken another turn

Sidekicks can be more trouble than they're worth

Boy Wonder Romances

She says....

He says...

Indeed they do! :)

And just to show it's not JUST Dick who gets the girl

And the Feline Fatale herself

The proudest parents of Earth-2

Oh, THIS is going to end well I'm sure...

And of course this one

And some of the REAL bad guys too

This one is just fantastic

And this one is just brilliantly sick (and as with most of the "great" Joker moments, I can hear it in Mark Hamill's Joker voice without effort)

I believe this sort of debuted as a joke in a BTAS comic

One might like to ponder what Robin's tail is stuck to, or not...

I love this one...

I'm the gosh darn Batman!

Flash sort of has a point here

And to finish with, a couple of group shots

There are a LOT of images under here. Even if most of them are relatively small, dial up be warned.

As they have been released by DC for sale, I think it satisfies the need for a published piece of art, but I'll add one in if any mod thinks it's required.

Date: 2009-03-18 06:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] superfan1.insanejournal.com
Wow I like how overblown riddler death trap is lure batman to save robin, you got to appreciate all the effort.


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