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More Cass character moments

Cass trying on a dress,
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Cass being a slob,
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How Cass eats,
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It's Christmas and near the end of No Man's Land, JPV has gotten a harmonica as a present. This leads to this,
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Oh, Cass. You are so adorable.

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Yeah, it gets to me too. To move a die-hard Babs-as-Batgirl-ONLY! advocate, that's something. Well done Cass.

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Is dropping rubbish on the floor something that helps you kill people?

I know she is unsocialised, but that is just rude.

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Hey. You saw Alfred pick up that banana peel. Keep dropping those and someone will slip on them eventually.

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God, I miss this Cass. I'm gonna have to go read my Batgirl back-issues now.

Where's the one of her and Babs in the restaurant from? Don't believe I've ever seen that one before.

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I think it's from their cruise.

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2nd to last one, oh Babs I never knew you thought of Cass that way.

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This is the same issue that Babs tried to get Cass into an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bikini. And then tried to hook her up with Superboy. Ponder that for a minute.

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Alfred would definitely put that tasteful little number in her closet.

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The parental figures of the DCU hve some... interesting... tastes when it comes to clothing their charges

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This really makes me want to read Cass' series now, so thank you!

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much love for this post

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Love these.

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Cass's eating habits amaze me. Like the pig biker issue she ordered like a ton of burgers and fries downing them in no time.

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Oh, Babs. People in books don't talk like normal people either. Then again, I'm not sure how liable to use the word 'ghastly' Barbara would be.

That last scan is so awesome. It's lovely that as locked outside the inner circle as these two were, such thoughtful interaction could be written between them. It makes me wish Cass and Dick had got more interaction as well, I think Dick would've understood this very well.

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She wants Cass to read comic books, so she'll at least speak like a proper comic book character! ;)

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Oh Babs you and your bi-polar treatment of Cass never ceases to irk me.

On another note, why is that waiter goose-stepping?

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Nazi spy?

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I just realized, something: who needs Cassandra when we have Parker ( They've both a bit nutty, socially awkward, and have special friendships with super-hackers; only in Parker's case, we don't have to deal with the writing staff trying to destroy her for random reasons.

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Wait, but Parker's not a hero! And heroes last forever.

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Humble request: Do you by any chance have the scene/scenes where Bruce adopted Cassandra? I'm very curious to see how it was handled, given it seems to be forgotten everywhere else. If not, do you know where it happened, and I might go off exploring?

Thanks in any case.

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I'm guessing the second segment came before the first? Just based on the fact she seems aware that Alfred comes and goes in the first, whereas in the second, she seemed to be just learning this.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"

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Hmm, no jokes about Babs and the closet?

I really like that panel of them eating in the ship's restaurant. Babs isn't in her chair but has transferred to a restaurant chair. I can't recall that I've ever seen that shown so explicitly. After my mother was forced to use a wheelchair being transferred into the chair at the table when dining out was really important to her. It took a moment, but she said it made her feel "normal" since everyone else was sitting too.

Wow, these have me really missing Cass.

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Thanks so much for posting these.

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Funny to see Barbara without yellow-tinted specs. That's usually how she's drawn, right?

Is the "BTOK" on the soda can supposed to mean something?

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Drains 12 ounces at one go, that's how real women do it. What the hell is a BTOK? I want to see Soder or Zesti, dammit.

Poor Alfred - the laundry basket was almost full -- then boom, spread out all over where it was before. XD

I imagine Alfred, who is as awesome as always, doesn't have too much to clean out of the fridge. I don't see Cass needing to store leftovers, keeping it stocked would be the challenge.

Image The Love Boat ... soon will be making another run
The Love Boat ... promises something for everyone...

So Cass doesn't dance, she does Tai Chi.

Meh, not a good effort, but I'll throw it up anyway:


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I always loved that Cass was a messy eater. It was cute :)
kingrockwell: he's a sexy (Alfred Pennyworth)

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Oh, JPV, you have never had a costume that didn't make you look like a massive dork~~
Great scene. Great post! Great Cass.

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Aw, the red one's not so bad.

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This reminds me how I ship Jean Paul and Cass. <3

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Doesn't the age difference bother you? JPV is around his early-mid 20's and Cass is 14 last I heard.

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[identity profile] 2009-09-23 12:04 am (UTC)(link) i REALLY want Jean Paul to show up again and meet Cass again. Last time he saw her, she didnt' even talk. It'd make for an interesting reunion. XD