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Emma Frost injures a small child for great justice

Note to aspiring villains: Any plan that revolves around Emma Frost NOT being willing to KO a small child is doomed to failure. That's like hiding the key to her handcuffs in Scott's boxers and assuming she won't go after it because he's a married man.

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Aw, Emma. Please become this awesome again.

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Yeah, I *like* this Emma.

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The middle panel on the bottom of the last page ... Oh, Emma, I love it when you defy perspective to be Jessica Rabbit.

That's like hiding the key to her handcuffs in Scott's boxers and assuming she won't go after it because he's a married man. Or not telling her your plans because you assume she'd know it was an invasion of privacy to read your mind.
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I would read the shit out of that one

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I note the distinct lack of agreeing to the "don't kick Leech again" request.

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"I promise nothing."

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If he does, it'll probably be specifically for revenge against Emma, especially if she kicks him more than once.

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Does it HAVE to be one or the other?

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Plenty of other villains are motivated not only by the need for revenge, but by lust for the object of said revenge.

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*sporfle* Your username makes it so much better.

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..ohgod..i'm starting to think about it...

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... who's gender-swapped?

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I assumed both.

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I think we have found the true purpose of the Internet.

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Scott's always struck me as more of a briefs man. He's so straight-laced and SRS BUSINESS and efficient.

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Plus, you know, the bright yellow ones he used to wear over his blue spandex.

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And it's canon! (

Now let's all thank ShirtlessSuperheroes for making it so convenient for everyone to find a character's underwear preference.

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Such a lovely place. I've speant many an hour doing 'research' there. It was for fanfiction.

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It really is, isn't it? I like the "No Nipples" tag. Mostly because I sigh and wish Scans Daily had a "No Nipples" tag.

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We could always make a No Nipples tag.

I AM somewhat disappointed at the lack of Northstar love over there.

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SS may not have the most Northstar love, but compared to Marvel ...

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All that really needs to be done is someone sending the guy the appropriate scans. I mentioned a scene to the guy a while back and he seemed interested.

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Let's see, there's him standing around in his underwear after playing Santa, there's when Purple Girl brainwashed him into going swimming with her on an island somewhere, I'm sure there's more.

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Was the Santa scene the one where Aurora tricked JM into going to a strip club?

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Yup, that's the one. JP is standing aroun in his undies, listening to her message asking him to come bail her out of jail. He thinks she's kidding. XD

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I remember that scene! It was posted here on SD and I wanted to check out Alpha Flight but there weren't any trades beyond #1-8. Do you know what issue it was?

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Not a clue. I've never seen a single issue anywhere around here.

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Oh man, you should try some. I have a couple of issues, and it's a really really REALLY good comic. Especially this cover:

I'm sorry. It just slays me every time with it's awesominity.

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I would, but I haven't had the opportunity.

And heh, she's all like "GASP! Poles! THE HORROR!"

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This was always my favourite Emma costume.

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Personally, I think Emma looks better with pants.

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She is wearing pants as part of the Gen-X era outfit -- some artists just drew them as leggings.

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These characters obviously don't know Emma at all if they were surprised that she would kick Leech. I didn't bat an eye.

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Well, they dont really.
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Yeah that was my thought too. All the "I can't believe she did that" just makes me wonder who on earth they thought she was. If she'd had to KILL him, then yes, some hesitation, but just rendering him unconscious, not even a question.

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I love this issue! You've shot my weekend to heck, because now I have to go to storage and pull out my X-comics box.

Poor Leech. I always hoped she got him a nice hot chocolate once they got back to the school...

Prolly not. A shot of whiskey, maybe...

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Cannot... look away... from icon...