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Dog Brother #1 Kicks Ass for Orphans and Puppies!

Greetings True Believers! I bring you four scans from Immortal Weapons #3: Dog Brother #1. This mini is great. I love the supporting cast of Iron Fist. We've learned about Fat Cobra and the Bride of Spiders, now witness the legend of DB-1! Spoilers and enjoy!

P.S. Doesn't everyone love the way they name the Kung-Fu strikes in Iron Fist? I know I do!

The setting is 1841 Hong Kong. The First Opium War is raging and there are tons of war orphans. Two of them, Sidai and Sihing fight to survive on the streets. Sihing keeps little Sidai's spirits up with tales of Dog Brother #1 who is the Immortal Weapon of the Under-City and is the protector of the abandoned, lost and forgotten.

The boys beg, steal and sleep on the streets. They are roped into working for a street gang being opium mules and smugglers. One day they smuggling gunpowder when a cop accidently sets off an a keg. Sidai is hurt still forced to smuggle. One day they have to kill a cop who wants more then a bribe from them and the gang decides to kill them for bringing heat on them and as an example for the other children.

They're about to kill them and Sihing tells Sidai to hang on, DB-1 will save them but Sidai says the stories are a fraud. The gang leader says he's heard the stories too but says he's what orphans become when DB never shows. He then kills Sidai. Sihing decides to fight to the end but alas he's child fighting men. But when they're about to shot him....

My personal fave of the bunch: "The Judgement of Solomon (With Assistance)

Sihing asks DB what took him so long and DB says, "As hard as I try it's impossible to save every lost soul. I'm a weapon, not a god."

Sihing awakes on the ship to find DB meditating. DB's time has passed and it's time to pass the mantle of the weapon.

Great story. "Cut of Continuity" SO MUCH NERD-LOVE! This series rules!

Suggested tags: Iron Fist, Immortal Weapons, Dog Brother #1, Marvel, Martial Arts

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